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Published on September 2, 2020

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Sing along to Lola The Cow song and more nursery rhymes by Dave and Ava!

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Meet the cow named Lola and all the nice crowd on the farm. Join Dave and Ava to dance and sing along to your favorite nursery rhymes, learn to count 1 to 5, play with the Finger Family, learn some baking with kids, go for a nice little hike with cute Teddy Bear! Enjoy your #DaveAndAvaTime!

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00:00 Lola The Cow
02:58 One Little Finger – Part 1
05:30 Five Apples in the Apple Tree
07:13 Little Kittens
11:41 This is the way
13:51 Humpty Dumpty
16:29 Apples and Bananas 2
18:45 Pat a Cake
21:09 Brush Your Teeth
23:52 Finger family Colors
27:19 The Bear Went Over the Mountain

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? Lola The Cow | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Dave and Ava ?
Dave and Ava – Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs

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